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YZYX140GX oil press

YZYXGX140GX Series is Single oil press with simple structure, reasonable investment,easy operation.

Input capacity from 1TPD to 20TPD

Single oil press is suitable for small and medium -sized oil and fat production plants (daily processing capacity of 30~200ton ,peanut , sunflower , sesame , soybean ,palm kernel ,walnut etc )

YZYX140GX oil press is middle model with capacity 9-11TPD(450kg/h)

Product Description

YZYX140 Series has 4models for choice According to different seeds .

YZYX140GX is called oil press with bigger gear box  which is developed on the base of Normal 140 oil press .

The gears for driving are large modulus helical gears , running more stablely, driving forces are bigger , the noise is lower and the durability is longer .

Model YZYX140 is base model with small gearbox and normal press cage which suitable for multi -seeds peanut ,sesame ,soybean ,sunflower etc.

YZYX140CJ has longer press chamber than normal YZYX140 oil press , it is 4-step pressing oil press , pressing ability is bigger so could achieve higher oil yield.

It is good for cold and hot press , especially for peanut , soybean ,sunflower seeds.

YZYX140CJGX has both longer press chamber and bigger gear box than normal oil press , the gears for driving are large modulus helical gears so running more stably, noise is lower and oil squeezing result is better .

YZYX140CJGX is good for peanut , soybean ,sunflower seeds etc)

Technical Specification:

ItemInput capacity(T.24)Motor power(K.W)Weight(kg)
YZYX1409-1118.5 or 22806
YZYX140GX9-1118.5 or 22100

Packaging & Shipping

For the export machinery, we are using the sea-worthy export special packaging, which is water-proofing and solid.
1. water-proofing PE plastic membrane
2. Standard export wooden case with fumigation treatment as required
3. Spare parts to be packed properly

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